Single Rollout

gal1-1.jpg gal1-2.jpg gal1-3.jpggal7-1.jpg gal7-2.jpg
  • 6" high drawer
  • 21" deep drawer

Starting at$119.00

Pantry-Four & Five Rollout

gal5-1.jpg gal5-2.jpg gal5-3.jpggal7-1.jpg gal7-2.jpg
  • 2 @ 6” high drawers
  • 2 or 3 @ 4” high drawers
  • 21” deep drawers
  • Allows 13” storage height inside bottom drawer
  • Other drawers spaced equally

Starting at$309.00

Double Rollout

gal3-1.jpg gal3-2.jpg gal3-3.jpggal7-1.jpg gal7-2.jpg
  • 2 @ 6" high drawers
  • 21" deep drawers
  • Allows 11" storage height inside bottom drawer

Starting at$179.00

Garbage/Recycling Rollout

gal6-1.jpggal6-2.jpg gal6-3.jpggal7-1.jpg gal7-2.jpg
  • Up to 24” wide
  • 22” full extension slides
  • Door to be attached to Rollout


Triple Rollout

gal4-1.jpg gal4-2.jpg gal4-3.jpggal7-1.jpg gal7-2.jpg
  • 1 @ 4" high drawer
  • 2 @ 6" high drawers
  • 21" deep drawers
  • Allows 9 1/4" inside bottom 2 drawers

Starting at$219.00

Narrow Rollout

gal6-1.jpggal6-2.jpg gal6-3.jpggal7-1.jpg gal7-2.jpg
  • 1 or 2 adjustable shelves
  • 20” full extension slides
  • Door to be attached to Rollout


We build custom Rollout drawers to fit your existing cabinets to make it easier to find and access the items stored in your base cabinets.  With Rollouts, you can fill the space in your cabinets right to the front and all the way to the top.

All of our Rollouts pricing include a visit to your home to discuss the possible uses of Rollout drawers, options available to further customize the units and measuring.  We then manufacture the Rollouts at our shop in Barrie within 2 weeks where they can be picked up.

Full installation service is available starting at just $45.00

All Rollouts prices are based on job sites within Barrie.  Jobs outside Barrie will be quoted on an individual basis to include travel time.

Custom Built to Fit Your Cabinets

Full Installation Service from $45.00

Prices based on job sites in Barrie Call us today for a quote if you're outside the Barrie area

What Our Customers Say...

You were able to turn a fragmented, piecemeal, tired old kitchen into our dream kitchen. WE have more cabinet space than we could have ever imagined! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Jane & Bob J.

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